We can give you a quick run-down on this page, but for much more information, have a look at the 'visit Coochiemudlo' site, or check out 'Cooche hub'.

Coochiemudlo Island is a 10 minute ferry or barge ride from the mainland at Victoria Point. Once on the island you are never too far from anywhere. You can walk, ride a bike or drive. Bikes and boats can be hired on the Island.

Visiting the island is like stepping back in time. From off shore the island looks deserted thanks to the conservation efforts of the community. The sandy beaches cover two thirds of the island's shores and the other third is home to a magnificent mangrove forest. It is well said by most that once you leave the mainland all your daily pressures slip away.

There are no shops as such on the island so food supplies all come from the mainland. There is a small Kiosk for the usual takeaway and we are also blessed to have an excellent restaurant, the ‘Red Rock Cafe’. 

  • Bird watching

  • Fishing

  • Push bike riding

  • Guided walks and talks can be arranged

  • Wildlife spotting; sea eagles, curlews, wwamp wallabies, turtles, dugongs, dolphins

  • Melaleuca Wetlands walk. The wetlands are protected by RAMSAR and has a walking track that funs alongside the beach for perfect views of Stradbroke island.

Coochiemudlo Island

Getting to Coochie

If you wish to take your car over to Coochiemudlo Island you need to take the Barge. Contact Amity Trader for the vehicular barge timetable.



Walk on at the Victoria Point ferry terminal, and walk off just streets away from Gindabara.

Contact Amity Trader for the passenger ferry timetable.


You can take your car to Coochiemudlo Island, but driving on the beach is prohibited.

All roads on Coochiemudlo Island are 40km zones, so please be mindful and give way to wildlife such as curlews, ducks and plovers and their chicks. These locals tend to nest close to many of the roads.  Roads are either bitumen or concrete.